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 Tamalog: ttinyterror

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PostSubject: Tamalog: ttinyterror   Fri May 22, 2015 10:37 pm

I've been playing my 4U for nearly a week now. So in love. Laughing Laughing

My first one was a female. I love her to bits but then she turned fiery (still cute) and I was curious so I went to matchmake her. It was a success and she had a baby boy. I was more sad than happy because now lovelitchi is gone! Sad Sad

Lovelitchi in her favourite dress. She was so happy when I bought that red dress for her!

Fiery lovelitchi

So, a few traits I noticed about Lovelitchi is that she doesn't gyoza (she was crying and eating Crying or Very sad ) and she likes the red dress and the ribbon accessory. queen

Anyway, so now I got a Fuyofuyotchi. Aiming for a Memetchi. Razz Razz
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Tamalog: ttinyterror
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